Jinas Sexy Feet
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Hello and welcome to Jinassexyfeet.com. I am so glad that your here. If you like woman's feet, toes, arches or the smell of the stink between the toes you have come to the right place. I do custom pictures and videos of my feet just the way you like them. A little bit about me I am bi of course. I have been told for years that I have such cute sexy feet by both men and women. People would always just stare at my feet when I wore flip-flops or open toed shoes. I never understood what people found so fascinating about my feet. So I went on-line and discovered such a huge foot fetish lifestyle.

I started to look at women's feet and toes wherever I went myself, and one day I got so horny at the park after watching a couple girls who just walked by me in flip-flop's they both had really incredible feet, arches, painted long toes their feet and caves looked so smooth and soft oh I wanted to touch them I wanted to smell them taste them I wanted to say hey do you fuckin' realize how sexy your feet are. I said or did nothing of course I was just jaw dropping numb to what I just saw. As they walked by I touched myself and I was so wet I touched my very hard clit and all of a sudden I had one of the hardest orgasm I ever had I unleashed a lion a hunger I can't seem to satisfy it's just something I cannot tame I can't stop looking and wanting to touch women's feet and have mine touched. Then at night after I look at my feet touching them putting my fingers between my toes I would lay back and smell the stinky scent on my left index finger from between my toes and with my other hand masturbating my clit fantasizing about having my feet touched and me touching other women's feet and then wow I'm having another hard orgasm night after night it only gets better.

I have over the years mastered the touch the scent and teaching how I like to be touched by a man or a women. It's so awesome how I can cum by having my feet touched, sucked or smelled or how I can cum by making a man or women cum by me touching them with my feet. Sometimes I like a hard penis deep inside my pussy or ass depends how hot I get. Or sometimes I love the smell of a woman's pussy on my face you know what I'm talking about. I love to suck, lick and smell women's feet sorry boys not into sucking on guys unless it's their cock.

I get so hot thinking you are all out there wanting to smell, taste and lick my feet sucking one toe at a time until my feet are so wet you have a few of my long toes in your mouth. I want you to cum again and again for me. I want to cum for you and wipe it on my panties, nylons, or little booties and I want you to smell me on them while you're looking at my feet masturbating would you like that? I thought you would. Become my member here I won't let you down I will take you on a ride you will never forget baby'



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